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The location

Trattoria Santo Stefano is a historical place laid down along the shores of Como Lake and is located in the old town center of Lenno, a popular resort on the lake known thanks to the extraordinary beauty of the landscapes and the famous Villa Balbianello, jewel of FAI cultural heritage.
Santo Stefano overlooks the picturesque XI Febbraio square, and flanks the Baptistery built in Romanesque style during the 11th century, from which it took its name. A privileged location and a historical authority that have totally conquered Giovanni Sansone, owner and chef since 2013.

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The restaurant

The simple furnishings, the whiteness of the fabrics and the elegance of wood give Santo Stefano a refined style and help to convey the values on which the local is founded: love for tradition, quality of ingredients, welcome of guests .

“Like happens to the great thinkers, my creativity was awakened in the middle of a long sleepless night. So that night I decided to rearrange, recycling, the old bar counter in the entrance, using some beautiful wine boxes . “. His passion for wine was also realized on the charming cave-cellar, hidden corner of Santo Stefano.

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The cooking

“The success of my cooking certainly flows from the long experience in food services and in one of the most famous bakery in Lugano, but especially from my Sicilian origins, from a cultural and gastronomic knowledge that my land has conveid me. I drew my flair from the traditional grandma recipes, without distort but revisiting, customizing, enhancing them. Simple things, fresh products from land and sea, home-made bread.” Chef Giovanni Sansone.

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